Dhanlaxmi Spring Industries is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting of Compression Springs, tension springs, torsion springs, disc springs, taper springs and Extension Springs of best quality. We have started our export journey with providing our inventory to several neighboring countries and that has led the expansion of our export scenario. Our products are highly preferred by several industries in the cities of Kuwait such as Dasman, Sharq, Dasma, Da’iya, Sawabir, Mirgab, Jibla, Salhiya, Bneid il-Gar, Keifan, Mansuriya, Abdullah as-Salim suburb and Nuzha, etc. A compression spring is an open-coil helical spring that offers resistance to a compressive force applied axially. It is usually coiled as a constant-diameter cylinder. We provide different kinds of springs like compression springs, Industrial Springs, crusher springs, elevator springs, vibrating springs and other springs for varied industrial applications.

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Benefits of Compression Springs

  • Maintain the Movement of another Component
  • Returning the Component to Its Desired Position
  • Providing Consistent Pressure
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Az Zawr Al Funayţīs Al Aḩmadī As Sālimīyah
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